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‘Exhibit F’ Dance Debut in Dance Umbrella 2019 and Tour March 2020

Just recorded a new Vocal composition for ‘Exhibit F’, a new Solo work by Dancer/Choreographer Becky Namgauds.

The composition is 11.5 minutes long, and includes a ‘multi layered’ Vocal solo, based on Arabic scales and Latvian Folk lyrics.

Me and Becky worked closely to make sure that the music will fit her vision of feminine mystical beauty and vulnerability in the same time.

The work been performed at Trinity Laban, Dance Umbrella Festival October 2019 And will tour on March 2020

Good luck to Becky with this stunning new work! xxxxx

**LINK**unlisted performance ( unfinished version of the piece) 

Becky exhibit F

Edinburgh Showcase 2019 ‘Like Honey’ & Review


“Like Honey” made it to the most prestigious showcase in the UK, attracting international attention and reviews.

*LINK* to The work & Interview with Becky Namgauds – Ed Fringe International Platform Showcase of the British Council ***



The Summer of 2019 was a triumph for our dance performance collaboration with Cheographer Becky Namgauds and Dancer Amanda Pefku accompanied with my composition and live singing.

Ed showcase tourLike Honey Poster2






Ed Programme




*LINK*Reviewer Daniele Avila Small from Sao Paulo , Brazil wrote –

“Sensuality in Amanda Pefkou’s performance is charged with smoldering aggressiveness. Regarding the menstrual cycle and practices of the sacred feminine as inspiring mottos, her body emanates intense sexual energy. It is framed by the contrast produced by the sound landscape created and performed live by Claire Shahmoon. The exquisite sonority collaborates to create a dense atmosphere, almost hieratic.”

*LINK*Unlisted link to show (unfinished version)  

LIFT Theatre: Voices for ‘I have a dream’ workshop with Renato Rocha

This hour long strong, moving performance is a sketch for a LIFT festival show that will take place in Tottenham in 2020.

I took part collaborating and making songs and voices through the show… and… In only 5 days – our group of amazing women artists from Tottenham who have just met each other for the first time – prepared a show about the dreams and the realities of marginalised women and their struggle.

It was an intense few days with so much artistic creativity and talent, falling in love with all those amazing women fellow artists I have met there, their ideas, and everything they have thought and said. Can’t wait for 2020.


‘LIKE HONEY’ Dance/Vocals in Resolution Festival 2018

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 16.21.08

Working with choreographer Becky Namgauds and dancer Amanda Pefkou on a new piece called LIKE HONEY, creating a singer – dancer duo piece which include synched and improvised moments between us.

Participated in Resolution Festival 2018 at The Place, the show received a standing ovation and great reviews. You can read Rachel Elderkin’s review for The Stage here –

The Stage review by Rachel Elderkin

“The closing week featured the performance of Like Honey, a solo work by upcoming choreographer Becky Namgauds. From the floor upwards, sound and movement grow in response to one another, the expansive vocals of Yael Claire drawing minute isolations of movement from dancer Amanda Pefkou‘s body.
As Pefkou finds her feet, a challenge to the audience flashing in her eyes, a stream of menstrual blood is figuratively shed and her restrained movement breaks into a fierce, earthy style. Like Honey is a bold work from Namgauds that blossoms into a defiant image of femininity.”

We are performing  “LIKE HONEY” NEXT WEEK SUNDAY 25th  in Culture Magazine Ladybeard in their coming event – Tickets can be found in here:


NGBK Gallery, Berlin: ‘This Is a Free Zone’

Exhibition’s Opening Event

A new Book and Films documenting “Queerhana” events that took place in Israel/Palestine more than ten years ago about local queer and Middle Eastern activists.

Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 20.27.24

The exhibition was curated by Queerhana organisers that now reside in Berlin, and took place in the NGBK Gallery, Berlin, Germany.

In the spirit of Queer Sisterhood – The opening event in NGBK Gallery included performers and singers from the Queerhana days, with myself headlining with SPIRITWO and a new repertoire of songs.

The event  was full of emotional and passion, I want to thank all the organisers, participants, and audience that attended!

queerhana book

Fuel Theatre’s Opera – My special Solo


A tour in Cardiff and Shows in London

Melanie Wilson’s Opera, “The Opera for the Unknown Woman” was growing as a choir for two months now – Last week we took Wales Millennium Centre and stunned the Audience. London Platform Theatre is next, this week.

As well as being part of the choir/chorus of the show – I am also doing a vocal solo “mawal” in this piece and I thank Melanie to inject that colour and let Arabic vocal music a place in her piece.

I must confess I had an incredible time being part of Melanie’s vision, which is dear to my heart, strong , brave and beautiful. She managed to interlock and marry so many different styles of music from Contemporary Classical, Electronic to a few World Music traditions with brave feminist monologues and strong video projections. I have seen her working and I have been profoundly impressed and inspired by her power as an artist. Her work is a call for action!!

This is a link to Melanie’s words, describing her work in the Guardian: do read and get inspired!

*LINK* The Guardian:



My Experimental, Arabic inspired Solo can be watched in here:

Project on the go: New Opera

Just got a part in a new Contemporary Opera!

Melanie Wilson’s : “Opera for the Unknown Woman” will take shape from the 18th of April and will tour in June 2016.

We will be 8 singers, dancing and improvising in a few World music styles and Western choir harmonies!

watch this space! x

more info on – http://www.fueltheatre.com/news/casting-call-out-for-a-new-opera

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 03.04.53

Middle Eastern singing & New Works

After my studies, new compositional works started to emerge, encompassing the many different traditions I was exploring in SOAS music composition class

Blends of Arabic music structures with Asian musical traditions such as : Balinese Gamelan, Indian Raga, and Arabic ‘Maquam’ Scales are intertwined with Western harmonies, electronic effects and other ‘edgy’ ideas stemming from my urban upbringing in Tel Aviv and London, its a new direction.


On Halloween 2014 the ‘Dark-to-Bright’ SPIRITWO solo show was preformed at the Spill National Platform.

Interactive moments were included with Kinnect programming by Alexander Brigden as well as a debut of the Song “I Feel Me” – a poetic solo ‘Black Metal’ work using a loop machine .

SPILL Festival of Performance 2014, photo by Guido Mencari.





Taking part in ‘London Sprechchor’ by Philip Venables

The first talking choir in London by composer Philip Venables

February got me involved in a new exciting creation of the first “speaking choir” in London, by composer Philip Venables.

Philip Venables re-created an old idea from the socialist activist movements in Germany in the 40’s, bringing it to today’s London, commenting on actual politics.

Texts, melodies and scores were all work in progress, and were tested with us until our performance in St. Luke’s Cathedral (which was also recorded).

more info on – http://philipvenables.com/2013/05/10/fight-music-30-june-st-lukes-8/Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 23.09.11