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Fuel Theatre’s Opera – My special Solo


A tour in Cardiff and Shows in London

Melanie Wilson’s Opera, “The Opera for the Unknown Woman” was growing as a choir for two months now – Last week we took Wales Millennium Centre and stunned the Audience. London Platform Theatre is next, this week.

As well as being part of the choir/chorus of the show – I am also doing a vocal solo “mawal” in this piece and I thank Melanie to inject that colour and let Arabic vocal music a place in her piece.

I must confess I had an incredible time being part of Melanie’s vision, which is dear to my heart, strong , brave and beautiful. She managed to interlock and marry so many different styles of music from Contemporary Classical, Electronic to a few World Music traditions with brave feminist monologues and strong video projections. I have seen her working and I have been profoundly impressed and inspired by her power as an artist. Her work is a call for action!!

This is a link to Melanie’s words, describing her work in the Guardian: do read and get inspired!

The Guardian: