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‘LIKE HONEY’ Dance/Vocals in Resolution Festival 2018

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I am now working with choreographer Becky Namgauds and dancer Amanda Pefkou on a new piece called LIKE HONEY, creating a singer – dancer duo piece which include synched and improvised moments between us.

The work participated in Resolution Festival 2018 at The Place, and the show received a standing ovation and great reviews. You can read Rachel Elderkin’s review for The Stage here –

The Stage review by Rachel Elderkin

“The closing week featured the performance of Like Honey, a solo work by upcoming choreographer Becky Namgauds. From the floor upwards, sound and movement grow in response to one another, the expansive vocals of Yael Claire drawing minute isolations of movement from dancer Amanda Pefkou‘s body.
As Pefkou finds her feet, a challenge to the audience flashing in her eyes, a stream of menstrual blood is figuratively shed and her restrained movement breaks into a fierce, earthy style. Like Honey is a bold work from Namgauds that blossoms into a defiant image of femininity.”

We are performing  “LIKE HONEY” NEXT WEEK SUNDAY 25th  in Culture Magazine Ladybeard in their coming event – Tickets can be found in here:



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