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Yael Claire  Shahmoon



After winning a few Animation awards (Royal Society of Arts UK, National Television Society Regional & Vienna Tricky Women, Austria) for her Original Animated Shorts, and a Poetry Scholarship in Jerusalem… Yael Claire started to realize that instead of making images, maybe she has to stand up – and perform LIVE , on stage…

Accompanied by wild vocal range, picturesque lyrics,  theatrical persona, and  a kickass attitude … She celebrated many extremes of the human spirit, a variety of dualities , or in many cases – a voice that we hide – a second spirit- a  SPIRITWO.

Starting out in the Underground scene of Tel Aviv, performing both solo/theatric electronic gigs at clubs, and active on the Israeli/Paestinian Queer scene combining rock, pop and middle eastern vibes,  AND with a full Rock band on Radio 106, Fashion Week, and Levontin 7, SPIRITWO been coined by Time Out Tel Aviv – ‘The Queen of Tel Aviv Underground’ .

Being influenced by musicians that created challenging music ,flirting with mainstream pop – SPIRITWO create individual tunes, that includes both sparkly light and deep dark feel, crafted into a pop track.

SPIRITWO was embraced by Organ Magazine in London releasing her first single in 2007. That single was reviewed by Stuart Maconie (Radio 6) & Resonance FM. And her band Headlined Madame Jojo’s & other clubs.

Those eventually led her to move to London , performing Solo.

After 3 months Yael Claire already made an impact on the East London arts scene, having been invited to perform at events such as Fashion Week together with PYMCA (feb 2008), Punch Drunk ‘Afters’ at the Batersea Art Centre (jan 2008) and ANDREW LOGAN’S Wales exhibition and hosting in a plethora of cutting edge platforms and queer events across London such as Queer rights event “Behind Bars” & Ladyfest 2008 – 2010.

SPIRITWO participated in the The Leader of the Starry Skies Tribute Album For Tim Smith – Cardiacs’ Frontman, which also included performances by Knifeworld, The Magic Numbers, Oceansize & Steven Wilson.

Her Rock band self released 2 EPs – spiritwo. or –  spiritwo1

Yael Claire Vocal works expanded to use loops live – winning TC Helicon Online Magazine Award in January 2012, she started participating performance festivals with her solo show using vocal effects props, images and interactive videos. Performing Solo Cabaret Set at the prestigious SPILL live art festival (2014), Roundhouse Accidental Festival (2013), Richmix Arts Centre (2012) and Punch Drunk ‘Afters’ at the Battersea Arts Centre (2008).

In 2013 she actively looked to do more in the Modern Classical experimental scene and had worked for Phillip Venables on his ‘London Sprechcor’ project that performed in the LSO. Graduating a Mmus in Performance of Middle Eastern Singing and composition at SOAS University & Kings College, London.

Whilst keep making rock- pop tracks, her new compositions are deliberately non-pop, exploring new boundaries of Art Modern music, using Middle Eastern scales and singing with electronics and ensemble compositions.

“Claire’s vocal performance here is full of depth and character, and she interjects her perfectly controlled tonal fluctuations with whoops, croaks and even laughter.

In the modern, polished pop landscape it is actually quite startling to hear a voice so resolutely human…”

Zygmunt Day, (Hackney Citizen) ‘Björk song gets Hackney treatment’ Saturday 11 August 2012

Selection of Performances and showreels:




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