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Middle Eastern Singing and Composition

Yael Claire’s new music is based mainly around her versatility as a singer, singing Rock, Classical and Middle Eastern styles.

She graduated (with a Distinction) Arabic music singing in SOAS, & King’s College (composition course) exploring both Arabic Jewish and Muslim secular and liturgical repertoire with Singer/Composer Abdul Salam Khair & Rabbi David Menahem.

She won a Mildred Loss Scholarship for Middle Eastern liturgical singing in Jerusalem (2015).

She is also singing in the SOAS Middle Eastern Ensemble, and co-establishing new electronic music with liturgical and original middle eastern singing on top.

Yael Claire’s compositions blend Classical Arabic music structures with Asian musical traditions such as : Balinese Gamalan, Indian Raga, and Arabic ‘Maquam’ Scales. Those are intertwined with Western harmonies, electronic effects and other cutting edge ideas stemming from her urban/western upbringing in Tel Aviv and London.


Yael is also working on a new Electronic music project combining Middle eastern traditional singing with Dirty Elecro-Dub called “Desert Electric” more to come on this project.




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