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SPIRITWO SOLO Performances


SPIRITWO SOLO shows run parallel to the the band activity, and those two projects often compliment and inspire each other.

SPIRITWO SOLO gigs has been used as ‘the experimental lab’ to all the things I that do in the band. As such, its artistic musical boundries are wider and the performances are more conceptual.

When I have started , SPIRITWO has been a singer /songwriter/performance experiment:

Together with Electronic playback I have started performing in Art/Alternative and Underground Platforms on Tel Aviv and to try out many different methods of Live Art Performances that included Wigs, Props , Working with Shadows, and video projections to create the SPIRITWO trickster character of Both ‘Diva Character’ and Spooky, Ghostly Wierdo !

‘queerhana in the woods’ – first solo show 2005
In Action: first show with the band 2005:
I was creating a character… that was no big news for me – as someone that directed animation films, building characters, looks, designs and images it came naturally to me – but this time it was supposed to represent a part in myself…and to exist – in flesh!

The wigs I wore gave me that frame work – people where stunned when I performed with them  – They have never seen anything like it…because there was, simply – nothing like it.

( SPIRITWO concept shoot with FRANKIE EDEN nov.2006, Lemington Spa, UK ) – ‘What we hide in ourselves’ – a pretty thing that got distorted, neglected in our rooms…a spiritwo…

It was a very cool idea I had – I thought to myself that because my content is so wild – …I decided that if GWAR can do what they do – than, at least for a while – I can just get me the biggest wigs possible… And have a ‘hair of a wolf’ on stage, while living normally for the rest of the week 🙂

I have contaceted the two BIGGEST ‘DRAG’ WIGS manufacturers in Las Vegas USA, and ordered specific designs.

There was nothing like this no where in the world… No other ‘straight’ female performers in the world did that in 2005… There was only SPIRITWO – In Tel Aviv…The LA Manufacturer himself emailed me to say how much he loved the look 🙂

Many of my best gigs happened in Clubs, in a SOLO format – and I was a proud member of the ‘Queerhana’ Cultural Political Collective  that been working in Tel Aviv in those times (2002 – 2008). The Queerhana collective been organizing the best artistic parties I ever seen to date – mixing politics, of Israelis and Palestinians, LGBT & Trans rights, a great dance rave whilst curating a Live Art Platform for local Performers Divas… And all with Great sense of Humor too!! It was the best way to start… and I got a community and best friends for life.

The SPIRITWO Phenomenon got recognized as a unique musical project and been reviewed many times by Local Magazines & Alternative Radio Stations in Israel, performing regularly in the best Art Alternative music venue Levontin 7 in Tel Aviv.

SPIRITWO in Timeout Tel Aviv – ‘Bones Milkshake’-`The queen of the Underground ‘ 2006

The making of ‘Sometimes’ 2007

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/7610545″>’The Making of Sometimes’ by Tal Lotan</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/user2634485″>Spiritwo</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a>.</p>

In the making of sometimes I explain more about how I have created the first official video for SPIRITWO – collaborating with the band, and inviting many of the underground performers in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem to participate:

My concept was Shooting in a deralict house and using a massive amount of hair ( I still keep all that hair in a closet back home…) was all part of a way to emphasize ‘spirit’, ‘ghost’ or ‘the duality of the soul’ , the contrast between what we see, or show others – and what we really feel inside…

When moving to London I had no choice but to start SOLO again : As my Band member Igor Guelmann Zak just died in London a month before I moved, so there was no ‘Band’…I had to wait with our band recordings release, too…

That made me explore my music, and performance even more – Developing new electronic sounds that I have learned to produce, and coming up with different solutions and adapting to London’s hardcore reality by myself…

I have been directing, gigging and designing my shows all by myself, adapting my show to the ever changing, different needs of each specific event – tailoring a suitable performance to each show.
Punch Drunk ‘Mask of the Red Death’ Lates @ the BAC

I have gigged and improvised solo regularly in the Art Squat Galleries Scene of East London Such as NO:ID Gallery, Decima Gallery, Elevator Gallery, The Underground Queer Political Platform ‘Behind Bars’ (that share the same values as ‘Queerhana’ back home) and many of the Shoreditch Electronic Clubs and other Alternative Fashion/thearte events Bringing a combination of singing & some sort of a live adventure into an unknown emotional zone.

That all happened much before Lady Gaga appeared and took over the queer / bizare / extravagant attitudes into the main stream…

It was also when I felt it was time to move on and look for yet other exciting and new meaning to what a DIVA is??

A diva is probably a way to express the dramatic part of the Soul through IMAGE… But now I was trying to condense the extreme wild concepts of that live show to a more mature stage, using abstract forms and simple tools to create a more sophisticated, urban character….

The SPIRITWO band started to take shape in London that time, and it was time to be ‘ROCK’.

Digging in my Heavy Metal past seemed to give the best answers – and the old witch was back – this time – as.. A girl, from the middle east, singing rock electro songs in Arabic – wearing an elegant  suit.

SPIRITWO SOLO in Modern Movement BERLIN March 2011 By Aaron Kobilis

Reviewing the  idea I developed with the SOMETIMES video in 2007 – I have decided that HAIR will remain a conceptual part in my work – representing the GHOST  – that ever missing part of our personallity and our ability to extend ourselves and be all sort of UNSEEN personalities and desires that live in us…

I therefore started using ‘hair’ as an abstract object/prop that I use on stage in many ways – thanks to endless shows and improvisations on stage – I already knew it could be anything I want it to be, ha!

This concept – that is turning Hair into a surreal, spiritual object/mask will continue to live in the project in many ways through my easthetical choices and the concepts I pursue as SPIRITWO.

Then came loop Machines and effects and the first Solo Electronic album, these techniques too, come to convey the same ideas of ‘multiple personalities’.

Then we started a CABARET SHOW branch , with the whole band, giving a soft downtempo set with no distortion pedals that went well in Richmix Arts Center…every song was revised – never a dull moment.

For the London Olympic I had an idea…’Mad Hair’ Stop motion animation – for the Bjork Olympic song Ocenia …

The band progressed and the more it developed the more I wanted to have the Oriental influences of back home crafted into the songs…

It started a journey into Middle Eastern Arabic music, that made me start writing modern songs for ensembles using traditional aspects with cutting edge concepts… and became a new side of my work which is composing notation pieces.

Learning Arabic scales and traditional  middle eastern ensemble music also added a new side to my solo career . I later started to compose Electronic songs that would include specific middle Eastern singing aesthetics with new electronica.

As far as Solo works go – that is how I am certainly connecting the new things I have learned about my tradition and heritage to my cutting edge, “LGBT women’s right’s in the Middle East” side of me, that always been there…to become my own thing again, to keep surprising…here and now.


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